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Hero Boxes for Visual Composer 0

Hero Boxes for Visual Composer

Hero Boxes is a responsive image showcase element for Visual Composer. Inspired the experimental design in Mary Lou’s Ideas for Subtle Hover Effects article, we replicated all the effects into something usable in todays modern browsers.Demo:

Extra v2.0.14 - Elegantthemes Premium Wordpress Theme 0

Extra v2.0.14 – Elegantthemes Premium WordPress Theme

Exra is the perfect theme for bloggers and online-publication. It's powered by the Divi Builder, giving you the ultimate flexibility to create diverse categories, homepages and story-driven posts that will keep your visitors engaged and coming back for more.Demo:

WooCommerce MultiStep Checkout Wizard v2.3.8 0

WooCommerce MultiStep Checkout Wizard v2.3.8

Checkout page is the most important part of any ecommerce website. If the customers finds the checkout process too complicated, chances are they will leave without buying and might not come back. Woocommerce Multistep Checkout wizard enhance users shopping experience by splitting different sections of default Woocommerce Checkout page into beautiful jQuery steps. It will create checkout wizard so user will have convenient shopping experience.Demo:

Top News v2.03 - Wordpress News & Magazine Theme 0

Top News v2.03 – WordPress News & Magazine Theme

Top News is the complete Wordpress theme for a news or magazine site with the focus of attracting and keeping visitors on their site. With a focus on reducing bounce rates, while increasing ad exposure, this theme will keep your visitors scrolling with more content all while maximizing your ad revenue!Demo:

BERG v3.1.4 - Restaurant WordPress Theme 0

BERG v3.1.4 – Restaurant WordPress Theme

BERG – restaurant template with multipurpose ambitions. BERG is our most beautiful, advanced and feature rich WordPress theme yet. We put lot of effort and time into planning, designing and creating it.Demo:

Basil Recipes v1.4.9 - A Recipe-Powered WordPress Theme 0

Basil Recipes v1.4.9 – A Recipe-Powered WordPress Theme

Front-End Submissions Recipe Favorites List User Profiles that can display their submitted recipes, recent reviews and a favorites list. The Boxy Page builder for creating your page content blocks.Demo:

Music Club v1.09 - Music/Band/Club/Party Wordpress Theme 0

Music Club v1.09 – Music/Band/Club/Party WordPress Theme

Music Club is the best Wordpress theme for music, club, party, radio station, bands or even entertainment magazine. Music Club comes with great features for music such as floating music player at the bottom of the page. Also has traditional boxed player as well. Music Club has event post type that come with ticket button with 5 tickets status.Demo:

Real 3D FlipBook v2.19.3 - WordPress Plugin 0

Real 3D FlipBook v2.19.3 – WordPress Plugin

Create the flipbook directly from a PDF file. Just enter the url of your pdf book / magazine / brochure and the flip’book will be automatically generated without any additinal conversion.Demo:

Pinterest Automatic Pin Wordpress Plugin v4.3.1 0

Pinterest Automatic Pin WordPress Plugin v4.3.1

Pin unlimited number of images: Pinterest Automatic Pin Plugin can pin from one image to all images in the post directly to your pinterest account. Post featured image as a pin: Plugin can pin featured image to pinterest. Scheduled posts support: select images to be pinned and once your scheduled post get published it will be pinned.Demo: